Baccarat for Australian Players

Baccarat is an extremely popular card game which is now widely available in the real money mode and in the free play mode at each of our highly recommended Australian online casinos. Sometimes when you are looking for this game, you may even find it nestled in the table game section, as opposed to the card game section, and you can now find plenty of great varieties from both Microgaming and Playtech.

Baccarat is not a difficult game to learn how to play and it is well-known for being an extremely fast-paced game. The main goal in any Baccarat variety is to try and achieve a hand which adds up to as close to 9 points as possible. The Ace counts as just 1 point and the numbers 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 are all worth their face value in points. Any 10, Jack, Queen or King is worth 0 (zero) points. If the hand is comprised of a 2-digit number, simply disregard the first digit. The point value of the hand is actually the last digit.

In other words, being dealt a 6 and a 4 (6 + 4 = 10), means that the hand would be worth 0 points and if the hand contains a 3 and an 8 (3 + 8 = 11), the hand would be worth 1 point. When starting a new round of Baccarat, it is up to the player to decide whether he or she wants to place a bet on the player’s hand and/or on the banker’s hand and/or on a tie. Just click on the area of the table where you would like to place your chips.

As soon as you have placed your chips, the banker/dealer and the player will both be dealt two cards each. The value of the hands will now be revealed and depending on where you placed your chips will determine the pay out, if any, that you are likely to receive. Some of the actual bet types in Baccarat and their associated odds typically include the following;

You can place a bet on Either Pair with odds of 5:1, or on Banker Pair with odds of 11:1, Player Pair with 11:1, Perfect Pair with odds of 25:1, Small with odds of 1.5:1 or Big odds of 0:54:1. You can generally see the odds displayed somewhere on the screen for you, otherwise you will need to click on the ‘Help’, ‘Rules’ or ‘Info’ button. This particular area should also give you a few examples of winnings hands.

It doesn’t take long for one hand of Baccarat to be completed and you should be able to pick up the rules quite quickly. In most cases one hand will last less than 10 seconds. One of the most common types of Baccarat is Punto Banco, but you can also find one or two other great varieties which follow the same basic principles, plus you can also now find Progressive Baccarat at most Microgaming and Playtech powered casinos. This is a fun & exciting game and if you enjoy games such as Blackjack, you should enjoy playing Baccarat as well.