Australia Problem Gambling Help

If you feel as though you have little control over how much you spend when visiting an online casino and you want to keep on depositing just to try and win back what you have already lost in the casino, you could already have developed a gambling problem. Perhaps it’s not you, perhaps you have noticed a friend or a family member who is unable to gamble responsibly. Try not to worry because help is at hand. Here are 20 questions that you can ask yourself to find out if you or someone you know is a compulsive gambler.

  • Have you ever lost any hours in the day from school or from work because of gambling?
  • Does gambling make life at home seem unhappy?
  • Has gambling ever affected your reputation?
  • Has gambling left you with a feeling of remorse?
  • Have you ever tried to solve any financial woes such as trying to pay off debts by gambling?
  • Has gambling had a negative effect on your drive and ambition?
  • When you lost, did you feel as though you should try and win back your losses as soon as possible?
  • Did an urge to win even more money occur, even after you won?
  • Have you gambled on numerous occasions until you spent your last dollar?
  • Have you borrowed cash before just so you can continue gambling?
  • Have you ever sold any personal items in order to keep on gambling?
  • Have you ever been unwilling to spend ‘gambling money’ on everyday expenditures?
  • Has gambling ever made you careless when it comes to taking care of yourself or any of your family members?
  • Have you gambled for longer periods of time than you originally intended?
  • Did you ever gamble just to try and forget your troubles, grief, sadness, loss or other woes?
  • Have you ever thought about breaking the law just to finance your gambling?
  • Has gambling had a negative effect on your sleep pattern?
  • Do conflicts, frustrations or any other negative let-downs make you want to gamble?
  • Have you ever wanted to gamble after receiving any kind of good news?
  • Has gambling ever made you think about self-harming or wanting to commit suicide?

Problem Gambling Help Resources

Below are some resources we recommend visiting if you're from Australia and in need of assistance with a gambling problem.

Gambling Help Online (
Offers 24 hour support, 7 days per week for problems gamblers and it also provides plenty of information for someone who may be concerned about a friend or family member.

The Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation (
An Australian government run information portal which offers immediate support & advice for anyone who is looking for impartial & friendly advice about problem gambling.

Gambling Help (
A non-profit, Australian-government-run organisation designed to help gamblers keep track of how much they spend with some useful tools, forums and friendly support mechanisms.

Problem Gambling (
Another reputable government funded website which provides help and information to problem gamblers in Australia.

Problem Gambling SA (
Reliable problem gambling information website which provides dedicated support for Australians and offers both free & friendly advice 24 hours per day.